About Crystalline Jewel

Crystalline Jewel is a family owned Canadian business.

Our History

My wife Farah and I were always interested in great jewellery and would buy jewellery online occasionally. Often times, it would come in tiny plastic bags, with no boxes and packed with zero care.

We dreaded not liking the jewellery we purchased online, as returning was always a hit and miss. The store would not accept the return, even when the item had not been used. Once we actually took a sealed envelope back and could not return it.

Frustrated, we decided that there had to be a better way. Why must great service and returns only come with jewellery that is worth thousands of dollars, after all?

And so, the idea for this company was born. We spent months researching the best suppliers and tested products from all over the world. Website designs were tried and thrown away. Company names chosen and discarded.

In the end, we went with the name that spoke to us, Crystalline Jewel. And from all our scouting, we opened the online store with selected jewellery that we would be proud to own ourselves.

In 2005, Crystalline Jewel came to life. From day one till today, the company is run by a simple motto: To provide a simpler, better online jewellery shopping experience for all.

Who We Are

Crystalline Jewel is a private company, owned wholly by Canadians (Go Canada!). Farha (my lovely wife) and I are both Ontarians, and the business is run from the GTA. Over the years, we have learned a lot about what makes for a great online jewellery buying experience. We have taken the best of what we wished everyone jewellery store had, and are on a mission to bring that awesomeness to all of Canada (and beyond).

So, how exactly do we do that?

  • High Quality Product Descriptions: We make sure that our product name, descriptions and features are as accurate as possible. After all, you should always know exactly what you are buying.
  • FREE Canada-Wide Shipping: All Canadians get free shipping. This eliminates the guess work during shopping, and provides ease of mind for everyone. Now if only we could also have free maple syrup!
  • FREE Returns Yup, you read us right. Free returns, from anywhere in the Great White North! We completely understand that jewellery is a product that can look different from pictures. And more so, your final decision can totally depend on seeing it for yourself. That is why all Canadians get 100% FREE RETURNS. That is right, no hassle, no question returns on all unused jewellery.
  • Industry Leading Warranties: Our fashion jewellery carries a 90 day warranty, which is among the best in Canada. We stand by our products, and will make it right for you should anything go wrong.